About the Workforce Training Institute

CareerSource Florida developed the Workforce Training Institute to provide a comprehensive program of online courses for workforce and education professionals with information on the state workforce system’s responsibilities under the federal Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act and state law.
CareerSource Florida At-A-Glance

This document provides a brief overview of CareerSource Florida’s role under federal and state law, its partners, its board structure, its strategic initiatives and its state-level training grants for businesses.

2019-2020 CareerSource Florida Annual Report

As an organization and as a statewide network, CareerSource Florida advanced a series of ongoing and new initiatives over this past year to enhance and expand our work to help Floridians achieve prosperity.


Florida will be the global leader for talent.




Continuous Improvement
Talent Focus

Training Grants

The CareerSource Florida network offers nationally recognized training grants to help Florida companies of all sizes compete and grow.
Incumbent Worker Training

For-profit, small businesses may be eligible for a reimbursement of up to 75% of training costs through Florida’s Incumbent Worker Training grant.

Quick Response Training

New businesses or relocating to or expanding in Florida may be eligible for grant dollars to help pay for training new and existing employees.

Our Partners

State and local organizations working to meet Florida’s business and employment needs

CareerSource Florida provides oversight and policy direction for talent development programs administered by the Department of Economic Opportunity, Florida’s 24 local workforce development boards and their 100 career centers. Together, the CareerSource Florida network connects employers with qualified, skilled talent and Floridians with employment and career development opportunities to achieve economic prosperity. Other partners in this important work include core partners under the federal Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act, education and economic development organizations, the Florida Chamber of Commerce and other business associations, community agencies and state and local elected officials.

Strategic Policies

Principles to inform or support state legislative policy and workforce system strategies

Charged with assisting the Governor with state workforce policy and investments, the state workforce development board establishes and directs the vision for the state workforce system, known as the CareerSource Florida network, to align with strategic partners within workforce investment, education and economic development systems. See the CareerSource Florida policies for more.

Financial Reports

Ensuring accountability and transparency in workforce system investments

Florida’s workforce system is funded primarily through federal dollars. Upon approval of the CareerSource Florida Board of Directors, and in alignment with federal funding formulas, the majority of these funds are passed through to the 24 local workforce development boards to directly support employment and training services for businesses and job seekers statewide.

Administrative Forms

The following are documents that are required for and support board membership

The CareerSource Florida Board follows state and federal guidelines that require accountability and transparency in board membership and activities, and govern expenses incurred as a result of membership requirements. Please review and fill out the following forms as needed and return to CareerSource Florida or designated recipient.

Workforce System Training

Training ensures understanding of the roles and responsibilities of state and local partners

CareerSource Florida provides an online training series for state board members about our system and the requirements of the federal Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act, Wagner-Peyser and other governing statutes. Developed by Taylor Hall Miller Parker P.A., the five-part series covers local workforce development boards’ roles, budgeting and financial responsibility, auditing and monitoring, performance oversight and transparency and ethics. Please contact CareerSource Florida staff for access to board training video content, which requires credentials to view.