Tallahassee, FL — At June’s board meeting, the CareerSource Florida Board of Directors voted to approve funding allocations for the upcoming fiscal year. Governor Ron DeSantis’ Focus on Florida’s Future budget boasts a strategic investment in Florida’s workforce development initiatives, ensuring continued support for career advancement and economic growth across the state.

“I am proud of the entire CareerSource Florida network’s commitment to putting all Floridians on the path to self-sufficiency,” said Adrienne Johnston, President and CEO of CareerSource Florida. “Thanks to the leadership of Governor DeSantis, our state will continue to lead the way in workforce education. These efforts underscore our dedication to equipping Floridians with the skills they need to thrive in today’s competitive economy, driving long-term prosperity and success statewide.”

Among the approved initiatives, the CareerSource Florida board highlighted several key funding programs aimed at addressing critical workforce needs and driving innovation in training and employment opportunities. These initiatives, through the Governor’s set-aside funding, represent a targeted approach to enhancing Florida’s workforce ecosystem:

  • $3 million for Incumbent Worker Training Grant Program: Designed to address skills gaps within existing businesses, this grant program provides funding for continuing education and training of current employees. By investing in workforce development within established Florida businesses, the program aims to boost competitiveness, productivity, and retention.
  • $500,000 for Artificial Intelligence Incumbent Worker Training Pilots: Targeting mid-career to late career stage workers, this pilot program focuses on upskilling employees whose jobs are at risk of automation or artificial intelligence. By providing training in emerging technologies, the program equips workers with the skills needed to adapt to evolving job roles and industries.
  • $2 million for Rural Initiatives: Acknowledging the unique economic challenges faced by Florida’s rural communities, this initiative aims to support workforce development efforts in designated rural areas of opportunity. By providing supplementary allocations to local workforce development boards, the program seeks to strengthen workforce services for employers and residents in rural areas.
  • $750,000 for Get There Faster Veterans Grants: Building upon the 2021 grants (433 enrollments, 191 employments), this program will provide funding for targeted, in-demand employment opportunities through career, training, and supportive services to military veterans and military spouses.
  • $250,000 for Digital Literacy and the Missing Middle: Directs a statewide assessment of the landscape and opportunities for improving the delivery of foundational skills and digital literacy training, with a goal of findings informing FloridaCommerce and other partners’ efforts to provide Floridians with digital literacy resources.
  • $2 million for Sectors of Strategic Focus Training Initiative: Aligned with regional priorities identified in partnership with economic development stakeholders, this initiative provides state-level funding for career training and supportive services in targeted industry sectors. By creating talent pipelines for critical workers, the program aims to enhance Florida’s competitiveness in key industries.

These initiatives, along with others approved by the CareerSource Florida Board of Directors, underscore the organization’s commitment to fostering a skilled and resilient workforce, driving economic prosperity, and ensuring Florida remains competitive in the global marketplace.

In addition to these designated funding allocations, the Board of Directors approved an initiative to honor local workforce development boards that demonstrate exceptional support for Florida’s veterans. The following boards are recognized as Purple Star Workforce Development Boards for their commitment to serving Florida’s veterans. The following local boards have been designated as Purple Star Workforce Development Boards

  • CareerSource Escarosa
  • CareerSource Okaloosa Walton
  • CareerSource Flagler Volusia
  • CareerSource Central Florida
  • CareerSource Palm Beach County


CareerSource Florida, with its business-led board of directors, provides policy direction for talent development programs administered by the Florida Department of Commerce (FloridaCommerce), Florida’s 24 local workforce development boards and their 100 career centers. The CareerSource Florida Board of Directors serves as the Governor’s principal workforce policy and investment board, working in partnership with FloridaCommerce, which is responsible for the state workforce system’s fiscal and administrative affairs, and local workforce development boards that serve Florida’s businesses and career seekers. Together, the CareerSource Florida network connects employers with qualified, skilled talent and Floridians with employment and career development opportunities to achieve economic prosperity.