Future State Options Report

February 2023

This report presents three consolidation options for reducing the number of local workforce development boards, aiming to inform decision-making. Each option outlines specific actions to achieve the desired Future State.

Organizational and Operational Research Report

February 2023

This report, part of Phase II, presents data on federal requirements, the REACH Act, and local boards’ operations, examining factors such as administrative entities, board composition, staff positions, and program partnerships.

Stakeholder Engagement Summary Report

January 2023

This report, part of Phase II, summarizes the engagement efforts of the Local Workforce Development Board Alignment Evaluation. It includes input from various stakeholders, such as employers, education providers, and community organizations, regarding options to reduce the number of local boards and improve coordination.

Background Research and Analysis Report

November 2022

This report is the first research report in Phase II of the effort to reduce the number of local workforce development boards, aligning with the REACH Act and federal WIOA requirements. It presents data and information on WIOA and the REACH Act, including tables, charts, and narratives, to inform the decision-making process.

Stakeholder Engagement Kickoff Presentation

September 2022

This presentation encompasses various elements, including guiding principles, scope of work, background research, and data analysis. It also involves extensive engagement with local and statewide stakeholders, including interviews, roundtables, webinars, focus groups and workshops.

Discovery, Research, & Option Development Scope of Work

September 2022

This report outlines our proposed approach to support CareerSource Florida, the REACH Act office, and partners in identifying key dynamics of the state’s workforce system and exploring alignment options.

LWDB Alignment Evaluation Findings Report

July 2021

This report guides the reduction of local workforce boards, ensuring compliance with the REACH Act and federal WIOA requirements. It summarizes the findings and observations from Phase I, which involved stakeholder engagement, research on alignment processes in other states, and a review of local boards’ websites and plans.