Tallahassee, Fla. – CareerSource Florida and the Florida Department of Education are celebrating TruMont, a Florida-based provider of healthcare curriculum development, for leading the way in healthcare apprenticeships by creating and sponsoring several new registered apprenticeship programs in healthcare across the state. 

TruMont became a registered apprenticeship program sponsor in 2020 with the first Registered Nurse Resident apprenticeship in Florida, fulfilling its goal to support transition for entry-level RNs during their first year of practice. TruMont’s Registered Nurse Resident apprenticeship program has since grown to 150 apprentices at 15 healthcare employers in four states.  

Working with the CareerSource Florida network and the Department of Education’s Division of Career and Adult Education and partnering with members of the Florida Senior Living Association, TruMont registered its second program in Florida, the Home Health Aide Registered Apprenticeship program, earlier this year.   

“TruMont’s forward-looking apprenticeship programs are setting a great example for healthcare employers and educators in Florida,” said CareerSource Florida President and CEO Michelle Dennard. “TruMont’s focus on workforce education through the registered apprenticeship model demonstrates how collaboration among business, education and workforce development partners can address the skilled workforce shortage in any industry.”  

TruMont cofounders Nina Perez and Lynn Peoples presented at a recent CareerSource Florida Board of Directors meeting to share TruMont’s mission to support first-year nurses and assure outstanding patient care through the development of confident and competent caregivers.  

“We have worked in healthcare for more than 35 years and understand the recruiting and retention challenges many hospital leaders face,” said TruMont Chief Executive Officer Lynn Peoples. “We have seen firsthand how the registered apprenticeship model can play an integral role in filling the gaps in the healthcare workforce.”  

TruMont received Pathways to Career Opportunities Grants from the Florida Department of Education to expand its existing program and start the new Home Health Aide program. 

“We’re extremely fortunate to have a Governor who recognizes the value that registered apprenticeships can provide to workforce development in many sectors, including healthcare,” said TruMont Chief Nursing Officer Nina Perez. “We do not see this level of support in the other states we work with and are thankful to Governor Ron DeSantis for providing funding to support the establishment and expansion of registered apprenticeships in Florida.”  

“TruMont is bridging the gap between recent graduates and healthcare employers by providing a structured onboarding program designed to transition new hires,” said Department of Education Senior Chancellor Henry Mack. “Job openings for nurses are projected to reach well into the millions by 2024, making the orientation process more challenging. Registered apprenticeships can provide a consistent pipeline of talent for any industry while improving retention and mitigating staff shortages.” 

TruMont is using its Pathways to Career Opportunities Grants to expand the Registered Nurse Resident apprenticeship program to clinics, offer new credentials focused on women’s health issues, and create opportunities for training Home Health Aides who will work with senior living communities offering assisted living and memory care services across the state.  

To learn more about registered apprenticeship, visit apprenticeflorida.com.


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