Partner Toolkit


What is the Partner Toolkit?

The FloridaFlex Partner Toolkit is a collection of outreach materials designed to assist our partners in telling the story of how the CareerSource Florida network helps businesses find and keep great employees.

FloridaFlex Overview Script and FAQ

This document may be used to help craft emails or phone scripts when responding to inquiries from business, education and/or economic development partners about FloridaFlex, and the support available to businesses through the CareerSource Florida network. It includes high-level answers to commonly asked questions about available business services, including state training grants.

FloridaFlex Internal Messaging

This two-page document can be used to explain FloridaFlex at a high level to local partners and engage partners’ help in sharing information about how FloridaFlex supports businesses and their workers through hiring and customized training assistance.

FloridaFlex Overview Script and FAQ

This two-sided document can be provided to businesses and stakeholders interested in knowing more about FloridaFlex. It includes statistics and information at a high level about the services available to multiple industries and businesses of all sizes.

FloridaFlex & QRT One-Pager

This two-sided document can be used to provide information on services available to businesses in or relocating to Florida, including the value provided to businesses and their employees who have received Quick Response Training grants. Quick Response Training is the single training grant program within the CareerSource Florida network funded through state dollars.

PowerPoint Deck

A customizable PowerPoint template with information on how FloridaFlex helps businesses grow and employees succeed, including a video option. This can be used to provide information to both large and small businesses, economic developers and out-of-state audiences.